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to measure is to know

Content marketing is hot. Lots of brands are doing it. But what exactly? And does it work? Do consumers feel addressed and understand what your brand tries to tell them?

These are questions that we answer with the Content Scan.

We created the Content Scan because we believe that content will become increasingly important in achieving communications goals. That makes it even more important to know what works.

In most cases content is created by multiple agency’s for different media types. There is a PR, social or in store content. But does it all add up? Does it communicate a consistent message and do consumers actually see the added value of your content?

With the Content Scan we give meaning full insights about all this. In our research we engage consumers, use big data and in the end we give practical advice for effective content marketing


"To trust or to be sure are two different things. That is why we created the Content Scan"

Mirjam van Dijk

The Steps

A complete Content Scan exists out of three seperate steps: a quick scan of your developed content, what does your target audience think of it (qualitative research) and third a analsys in which we make use of big data in order to come to insightful recommendations for optimizing your content.

  • Content Map

    A quick scan in which we map your created content. This will be compaired to predetermined key values to investigate if your content actually contributes to who you are and what you want to be as a brand
    (Bronze / Step 1)

  • Content Profile

    Now we bring the consumer to the table: we present the content to your target audience and ask what they think of it. Do they think it's powerful, funny or interesting? But above all we are curious if the key values that we put in, are played back to us through the eyes of the consumer.

    (Silver / Step 1&2)

  • Content Optimisation

    We add up the key values and customer feedback. Add big data as well, in order to come to smart recommandations which in the end will lead up to: more relevant content, which at the same time will effectively contribute to your business in realizing your marketing and communications goals.
    (Gold / Step 1, 2&3)



"Content Marketing is a commitment, not a campaign."

Jon Buscall


"Content x Reach = Result"

Sjoerd Craenmehr


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